Coach Kiril Raykov                                      Assistant coach Kenneth Webb

Kiril Raykov og Kenneth Webb (Foto: ØYVIND SIVERTSEN)

Bilde: Itromsø.no/Øyvind Sivertsen. 

Coach Kiril in his own words:

«Hello everyone my name is Kiril Raykov and I am the new Varden coach and also I am player for Tromso Storm.

I land here more than a month ago. I came to Tromso  with two main goals. The first one is to help Storm`s team to take the championship and the second one is to develop more skillful players and play good organize basketball with Varden`s team. Me and Kenneth Webb are working on a great project. We are trying to put both teams Storm and Varden under one big umbrella. Varden will develop and motivate the young Norwegian kids to work hard so eventually they can be part of the Storm team in the future. Henrik Lange and Odin Bangsund are good examples that one day we can have one good team with strong Norwegian core, or why not two competitive teams in first division? It`s a long process with perspective in the future!»